Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection Unveiled

Germany writing instrument maker Montblanc is not exactly the name in luggage and so is Italian tire maker, Pirelli, but here it is anyways, the Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection. And boy, are they looking pretty damn sweet. They are sleek in typical Montblanc fashion. Unveiled on the even of the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, the Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection features a series of lightweight trolleys targeted at discerning and demanding globetrotters.

Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection Unveiled

Each trolley features high-performance ball-bearing wheels, a precision handle bar and a functional interior, along with iconic Pirelli design cues, including distinctive tire marks on either side of a large Montblanc branding and a subtle but no less eye-catching yellow color luggage tag that’s a nod to the Italian tire manufacturer. Even the wheels sports the familiar Pirelli branding, in yellow, on the side walls too which is a pretty dope touch, if you ask me.

Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection Unveiled

Montblanc had a booth at the racing event which also features a bunch of Montblanc products, including the dynamic Urban Racing Spirit collection. As part of the launch event, there was a fashion show, after which, guests were invited to scrutinize the Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection and put the pedal to the metal in an interactive F1 simulator game. As far as the suitcases are concerned, we heard the collection includes a #MY4810 cabin trolley case, as well as a model that boasts a front pocket that has just 5,000 pieces to go around.

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It is not known when the luggage will be available at this point, though. Neither is the pricing known. Actually, you know what will be nice? The entire luggage covered in Pirelli tire pattern, vertically. That would be the coolest suitcase ever. But it will not happen, would it, Montblanc?

All images courtesy of Montblanc.

Source: Montblanc via Luxury Launches.