It looks like Kre-O isn’t the only LEGO clone that has been officially licensed to sell brick-built Transformers. Xiaomi, too, is licensed to do so. Albeit, for just one set… for now. Technically, this is not the first Xiaomi Transformers toy; the first was a “tablet” that transformed a robot, but it is its first Transformers building set.

Xiaomi Nezha x Transformers Optimus Prime

Anywho, this fairly new item was an officially licensed products and part of Xiaomi China store exclusive Nezha x Transformers Optimus Prime building brick toy. TBH, I see no reference to Nezha, a Chinese deity, in the set. All I see is Optimus Prime. Just saying…

Like most Kre-O Transformers building toys, Nezha x Transformers Optimus Prime is not transformable, but it can be rebuilt into a truck. I guess you could say it is a partformers? However, we believe instructions for truck mode are not available. The product page suggests that you can do so to create the truck from pieces based on your imagination.

Xiaomi Nezha x Transformers Optimus Prime

From the look of it, the set is modeled after Prime’s appearance in the cartoon, Transformers: Cyberverse. The 1,277-piece set will let you build a cartoonish, but not bad looking Optimus Prime that stands at an impressive 440 mm (about 17 inches) tall and boasts some level of articulations.

The best part is, it is totally affordable, costing just 399 RMB, or around US$62. The caveat is, it is available only in China. However, you can find a bunch of merchants selling it on Aliexpress (some at exorbitant price).

Xiaomi Nezha x Transformers Optimus Prime

Images: Xiaomi [CH].

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