Super fans of say, Star Wars or Jurassic Park, may not necessary interested in LEGO, but because they are such a big fan of certain pop culture, they may take the dip cos’ there are LEGO versions of their obsession. That said, if you are fan of either franchise, or both, you may be enticed by these pinball machines even if you are not so much of pinball machine. But seriously, who doesn’t love pinball machines, right?

Stern Pinball Star Wars Pin Pinball Machine

In any case that you are fan of Star Wars and/or Jurassic Park, you will want the new Star Wars and Jurassic Park pinball machines in your life. Here are the details straight from the horse’s mouth:

Star Wars Pin
Stern’s new Star Wars™ Pin™ immerses players in the dynamic Star Wars™ galaxy.  The Pin™ is packed with features that provide players with an irresistible game experience including select speech and footage from the original Star Wars™ trilogy, color-changing playfield inserts, a custom sculpted Death Star, and a custom sculpted and interactive TIE fighter.

Stern Pinball Star Wars Pin Pinball Machine

Jurassic Park Pinball Machine
Like the blockbuster movie, the Jurassic Park pinball experience generates heart pounding excitement as the player progresses through the game.  As the game starts, the player is transported to Isla Nublar, an amusement park where escaped dinosaurs are running amok!  The player’s mission is to rescue park staff and recapture dinosaurs from the chaotic environment unleashed by Dennis Nedry’s computer virus.  All dinosaurs, however, are not created equal as players will battle Raptors and the mighty T. Rex!  The game immerses players in the fun world of battling dinosaurs in an action-packed adventure filled with twists and turns.

Stern Pinball Jurassic Park Limited Edition Pinball Machine

The Star Wars Pin further boasts Stern’s hallmark built-to-last quality parts and built, playfield in a stylish cabinet with dynamic, high-definition artwork, all-LED playfield that promised to dazzle, and Stern Pinball’s powerful SPIKE electronics hardware system that affords the high-definition graphics and innovative animations, while minimizing the system complexity and energy usage.

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Star Wars Pin is available to pre-order now from authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world. It is going for a pinball standard of affordable $4,499 plus tax/duty.

Stern Pinball Jurassic Park Limited Edition Pinball Macine

As for the Jurassic Park pinball machine, it is as impressive. To cut long story short, this arcade machine touts boatloads of features that replicate the dino movie series that you so love. As with many Stern Pinball machines, it offered in three trims: Pro, Premium and Limited Edition. The latter two boasts an amazing animatronic ball-eating, ball-hurling T-rex that interacts with the ball and the player.

There are also an interactive Raptor and Raptor Pen, featuring a ball-lock mechanism guarded by a motorized gate, unique mosquito-in-amber pop bumpers, a custom metal horizontal helicopter spinner, three full-sized flippers, four custom ramps, a spinning “Spitter” target, in-lane up/down lock post, distinctive hand-drawn art highlight iconic dinosaurs from the series, a Jungle Adventure Vehicle target right smack in the middle of the playfield that is a spinning Newton Ball, SPIKE electronics hard system, and a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is said to be 3x more powerful over the previous generations.

The Jurassic Park pinball machine Limited Edition is limited to just 500 units worldwide and sells for $8,999, while the Pro and Premium models do not have a production limit and retails for $5,999 and $7,599, respectively.

All images courtesy of Stern Pinball.

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