Good news for those who haven’t gotten around getting a Nintendo Switch and thinking of doing so. Nintendo will be releasing a Japan-only Nintendo Switch Disney Edition based around Disney’s Tsum Tsum line. OK. My bad. We failed to mention that this is only a good news for those residing in Japan and also for those who have a thing for Disney, specifically the Tsum Tsum characters.

Nintendo Switch Disney Edition Console

The special edition, officially called Nintendo Switch Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Set, features graphics relating to the game Tsum Tsum Festival which is included in the bundle, plus some DLC for the game. As you probably already noticed, not only the body of the Switch is decorated with the Tsum Tsum Festival theme; the Joy-Cons are Tsum Tsum Festival theme too with a subtle, but interesting detail: Mickey Mouse’s ears adorning the Home button.

The Nintendo Switch Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Set is slated to drop on October 10, 2019, for 36,080 yen plus tax (or roughly US$332 based on the current going rate).

Images: Nintendo Japan [JP].

Source: Kotaku.

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