Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is considered pretty premium as it is, IMHO but somehow that is not quite in Samsung’s books. It has once again teamed up with China Telecom to reveal a fancier (read: higher-end) version of the Fold known as W23.

Samsung W23 Phone

The Samsung W23 [CH] is essentially the Galaxy Fold4 but with more RAM (16 GB as opposed to the max available of 12 GB on the regular Fold4) and it has 512 GB ROM as standard. And then there’s the obvious: the aesthetic which is in black and gold.

However, we noted that the gold is a little on the mellow side. More like champagne gold as opposed to the yellow gold on the last year’s model.

Moreover, the new W23 ditched the glass in favor of a super cool black ceramic which is finished off with a “Heart of the World” logo in gold. Gold finish can also be found on the aluminum frame and the hinge which further boasts a decorative motif to give it that extra luxe look.

Samsung W23 Phone

The optional S Pen has also been given a new paint job in black and gold, in case anyone needs a matching pen to go with the high-end Fold.

Along with the Samsung W23, Samsung has also revealed a W Flip mode, based on the new Z Flip. The high-end flip phone is armed with 12 GB of RAM (as opposed to the max available 8 GB on the regular Flip) and 512 GB of storage.

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Aesthetically, it adopts the same styling as the W23 but the glass back is retained. So no love from ceramic on the compact Flip. The rest is pretty much the same. You know gold frame and gold textured hinge.

Samsung W23 Flip Phone

Expect the phones to come pre-loaded with custom themes, including one that draws inspiration from porcelain from the Song Dynasty.

The Samsung W23 and the Samsung W23 Flip are China exclusives, priced at 9,999 yuan (US$1,386) and 15,999 yuan (US$2,217), respectively. That’s about a 400-ish premium if anyone’s counting. Both devices will be available (in China, obviously) starting on October 28.

Samsung W23 Flip Phone

Images: Samsung [CH].

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