If “human body modification” stiletto isn’t weird enough, well then, I am sure a pair of footwear that look like the limbs of a giant amphibian species would. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the four-toed boots and heels from Florence-based fashion label, AVAVAV.

AVAVAV Four-toed Boots and Heels

Apparently, “Feet” footwear is the brand’s vision of the future. How so? I have absolutely no idea. Is the brand hinting a human mutation far into the future? I really don’t know. But here it is, the “Feet” series of boots.

There are three models – all creepily named to boot: Very Slimy Feet, Bloody Feet, and Finger Feet. The latter is a pair of short high-heel boots.

AVAVAV Four-toed Boots and Heels

Jokes aside, AVAVAV is dead serious about sustainability when doling out these absolutely out-of-the-pond footwear. They are produced only in small batches and from leftover scraps from neighboring fashion houses, transported in electric vehicles, sold exclusively online, and each product comes presented in recycled packaging.

Perhaps, frog-like limbs-inspired footwear means eco-consciousness and a show of respect to the nature? Not sure.

AVAVAV Four-toed Boots and Heels

Anyhoo, if you down for shock footwear, this is it. Be warned though, they don’t come cheap. Finger Feet costs US$739 and the thigh-high boots will run you back at a cool US$1,109 per pair.

AVAVAV Four-toed Boots and Heels

Images: AVAVAV.

Source: designboom.

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