What do think about the Alpha Ace we saw late last year? Its pretty sweet, right? In case anyone was thinking, wouldn’t it be better if the Ace is off-road capable, well, the good news is, the electric vehicle maker heard you. It has introduced a rugged variant of the Ace.

Alpha Jax Rugged Electric Vehicle

Called Jax, which is an acronym for “Junior All-terrain Crossover,” it looks like a rally car you would see in the 60s or 70s. Needless to say, we think it is beautiful.

Jax is essentially another version of the Ace, a SUV-fied version of the Ace, if you will. Alpha Motor Corporation is referring it to ‘CUV’, or Coupe Utility Vehicle.

Alpha Jax Rugged Electric Vehicle

Alpha Jax is listed to be powered by dual motor which bestow it with 4WD capability, but it is also listed with single motor which it will drive as a front-wheel drive. It is not clear if it is both 4WD or FWD capable, or is it a choice of motor.

Listed numbers include 60 mph (97 km/h) sprint in 6.5s – not awfully fast for an EV, TBH, over 250 miles (402 km) of range on a single charge, and a 1,850-lb (839 kilograms) towing capacity.

Other highlights include 16-19-inch wheels, LED signature headlights, daytime running lights, seating capacity for 4, 62.5 cu-ft (1,770L) cargo space, digital display for driver, wide format center display, “premium seat and trim material,” Bluetooth connectivity and premium sound system.

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Alpha Jax has a starting price of US$38,000 and you can reserve one today. Though it is not clear when it will be available.

Images: Alpha Motor Corporation.

Source: Carscoops.

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