Think future fashion, I’d imagine something like The Island (2005, Dreamworks Pictures) where everyone dressed in uniform garments, but that’s just me. Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Montreal-based art studio Fecal Matter, on the other hand, thinks future fashion will be influence by body modifications. To demonstrate their idea, the duo collaborated with artist Sarah Sitkin to create foot wear that looks like feet, or should I say, alien feet.

Fecal Matter Human Skin Stiletto

Sarah Sitkin, if you recall, was the artist behind the phone case with a hyperrealistic ear stuck on it. So, making ridiculously realistic body parts is not new to her. At a glance it looks like a barefooted person with clear platform on the ball, but then the imaginable strikes: each barefoot appears to have horn-like thing growing out of the heel with another smaller horn just under the calf. I have to be honest, the look there borderlines grotesque and I felt rather uncomfortable looking at it.

The stilettos were molded to resemble Dalton’s leg and are made out of silicone. It is not just the feet part. The surreal footwear is actually the entire leg, from the foot right up to the mid thigh. I guess you could call it boots. Anyways, the footwear sports insane amount of details, right down to shape of the foot, skin tone, moles, and even fine hairs. Photoshopped images of this bizarre heels went viral last year and a year own, this pair of high heels are a thing.

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What’s more, you can bag a pair if you really want to. Fecal Matter Human Skin Heels is custom fitted to your feet, but before you get all too excited, you have to know that sporting the mutated feet will cost a hefty 10 grand. Hmmm, why do this faux modification reminds of the modification in the Aeon Flux (2005, Paramount Pictures):

Aeon Flux hands for feet
Credit: Paramount Pictures.

A post shared by Fecal Matter (@matieresfecales) on

A post shared by Fecal Matter (@matieresfecales) on

Images: Fecal Matter.

Source: Lost At E Minor.

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