Custom Prosthetic Ear Mobile Phone Case

If you have been surfing tech blogs over the years, you would have noticed the Japanese are pretty awesome at coming up with weird and sometimes, creepy mobile phone cases. So far we have seen stuff like the hand case, shaved ice case and even sushi-topped cases, but we think LA-based artist Sarah Sitkin’s Custom Prosthetic Ear Mobile Phone Case takes the cake in terms of hyperrealism. Sarah “specializes in realistic and unsettling sculptures of human body parts” and the aforementioned case is naturally, well, down right hyperrealistic.

Custom Prosthetic Ear Mobile Phone Case
A closer look. Creepy or awesome? You decide.

She described the case as one that “moves and feels like a real ear” and why wouldn’t it be? Cos’ the case (which cost a whopping 600 bucks, if you are interested) takes 2-3 weeks to craft and the ridiculous level of realism is a result of a painstaking process which includes molding a real person’s sound hole, sculpt it in clay to fit the buyer’s desire phone model, “then molded again and cast in life-like platinum skin-safe silicone.” Sarah explains that no two cases are the same, which makes sense cos’ this hyperrealistic ear-stuck-on-a-case features details like veins, freckles and even tiny hairs.

Sarah’s creation may not be diamond-studded or plated in precious metal, but it will sure to make you stand out, or as someone has noted, makes making phone call a little stealthy. Definitely a case for the well-off, but in a less ostentatious way, I supposed.

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Instagram via Neatorama