Strapya August iPhone 4 case flavor: iMeshi Shaved Ice

iMeshi Shaved Ice iPhone 4 case 544x328px
(image credit: Strapya) iMeshi Shaved Ice iPhone 4 Case | ¥3,800.00 |

joining the list of the weird and wacky iPhone 4 cases from iMeshi is this iMeshi Shaved Ice iPhone 4 case. yea, you heard that right. it is an iPhone 4 case in the guise of a popular Japanese summer time dessert – shaved ice with condense milk and syrup. in fact, finely shaved ice is widely popular in many parts of Asia and it’s kind of wacky to have it on your iPhone 4. as with all iMeshi cases, these ‘shaved ice’ is created by professional Japanese food sample maker and definitely will gather stares and chatters as you use it. there’s one down side though – the case does not have a camera hole, thus the case has to be removed when you need to take pictures with your iPhone. quite a hassle, if you ask me but seeing the amazement on your friends is probably worth the hassle or should i say, priceless. the iMeshi Shaved Ice iPhone 4 Case is up for pre-order from Strapya World for ¥3,800 (about US$49) a pop.
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iMeshi Shaved Ice iPhone 4 case 544x338px

Strapya World via Akihabara News

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