create your own steampunk keyboard and wrist watch

Steampunk Keyboard and Wristwatch 544x868px
(credit: Rampkins/Gogglerman)

love everything that is steampunked? then you wouldn’t want to miss these pair of steampunk work of art. the best part is, you can actually make one yourself. yea, i know, not everyone fancy the idea of getting their hands dirty but wait till you see what they have done and i am sure you will be inspired to get one done yourself. the first is a steampunk keyboard dubbed Buccaneer. created by a group of folks simply known as “Rampkins“, the Buccaneer is one of the best steampunk keyboard i have seen to date (it has leather!).
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the housing is constructed from solid walnut frame that “Rampkins” salvage from a damaged antique dressing table, wrapped in deal leather and brass elements accented its sides and buttons. it even has a couple of USB ports and emerald glass rhinestones for status lights. want one? thankfully, “Rampkins” is kind enough put up the instruction on how you can create one Buccaneer for yourself. another look at this gorgeous steampunk keyboard and a short clip of it in action after the break.

up next, is a steampunk wristwatch with a cool iris cover. created by a Russia-based artist simply known as “Gogglerman“, this steampunk wristwatch is heavy on brass and sports a lever “switch” that opens up the iris (like the camera iris), unveiling the Casio time piece within. the lever also doubles as a time adjustment crown. it is totally uber-cool and i am totally sold. you know what they say? a video speaks a thousand, so hit the jump and check out the steampunk wristwatch with mechanical iris cover in action or check out the build process over here.

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Steampunk Wristwatch with iris cover 544x360px

Steampunk Wristwatch with iris cover 544x360px

Steampunk Wristwatch with iris cover 544x360px

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