If you have been following this blog, you will notice we hardly mention fidget spinners until of late when one custom fidget spinner actually piqued our interest. Sorry to say, I am in the camp that thought fidget spinners are kind of lame (though we don’t discriminate them, just so you know), but when I first lay eyes on the Centre Spin, I felt compelled to share it with you folks because it is, you know, classy. Before you get acquaint with Centre Spin, may I suggest you purge everything you know about fidget spinners because Centre Spin is unlike any other. It didn’t even look one to begin with and that’s just one of the many beauties it possesses.

Centre Spin Pocket-sized Minimalist Fidget Spinner

Precision machined in the good’ol US of A from a choice of metals, Centre Spin is slightly larger than a quarter, thus making it a true pocket sized fidget spinner, and it has a quality that is unheard of in fidget spinners until now: minimalist design. There are no obtrusive prongs or whatsoever to snag on to anything and most importantly, it won’t make look like a kiddo caught in a hype train. It is truly minimal. It’d make you look classy even. Each Centre Spin is outfitted with a U.S.-made hybrid ceramic bearing, featuring ceramic silicone nitride balls, and has removable caps, so you can maintain the bearing if you so desire. It appears to us that Centre Spin is more than a fidget spinner; it is a piece of beautiful industry art that happens keep your digits occupied.

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Centre Spin Pocket-sized Minimalist Fidget Spinner

Available in a choice of materials, namely, brass, copper and stainless steel, the Centre Spin is clearly not your average fidget spinner and therefore, it is no surprise that it comes with an unusually hefty sticker. And how much we are talking about here? Well, it is expected to retail for between $120 and $145, but for the next 20 days or so, you can secure it at a discounted price of $80-90 if you pre-order it on Kickstarter. Centre Spin is no doubt a connoisseur kind of thing and clearly reserved for fidget spinner lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.

From the looks of it, there are many people who do appreciate the finer things in life. At the time of this writing, the campaign has already rolled in more than $50K in financial backing from nearly 500 backers. And yes, the campaign is well over funded, which means it is a go. All you have to do is make the pledge and wait for its arrival in September 2017.

Centre Spin Pocket-sized Minimalist Fidget Spinner

Centre Spin Pocket-sized Minimalist Fidget Spinner

Centre Spin Pocket-sized Minimalist Fidget Spinner

Images courtesy of J.L. Lawson & Co.

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