I never understand the fidget spinner hype. Perhaps, I am a little too old? Or maybe, my digits do not find the need to, you know, fidget? That’s not to say I am a non-fidget saint. When I was younger I did fidget, but back in those days, we never had novelties like fidget spinners. We twirl our pens instead and I am not going to lie, during my entire student life, I always find myself twirling a writing instrument. In fact, I was getting pretty good at it to a point that I started “studying” the balance of each pen or pencil to determine which make/model was the best to satisfy my need to fidget. I only fall short of modifying the writing instrument to meet my restless digits’ needs.

Nope. Never went on the customizing route either. But times have changed drastically since. People are more sophisticated now and therefore, we it comes to fidget spinner, customization rules and this Custom Fidget Spinner featuring everyone’s beloved 8-bit Italian plumber hero, Mario, is one shinny example. This particular spinner cooked up by YouTuber A Pyro Design features images of Mario in several state of ‘motion’ which, when spun, results in an illusion of running Mario. Needless to say, this could very well be the coolest spinner yet. The spinner itself is of laser cut aluminum and it does not have weighted ends like typical fidget spinners do.

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A Pyro Design is peddling them on Etsy with a bunch of other designs. If you want the Mario version (which we totally recommend if you really want a fidget spinner), look out for the “8 bit plumber” under the style selection. For obvious reasons, A Pyro Design can’t actually call it Mario. It will cost you $12.99 a pop, or you could buy a blank one for $5 to customize it yourself.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

YouTube via Technabob.

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