Matchbox Top Gun: Maverick Toys

I have watched the original Top Gun one too many times. Yet, I am no fan and as such, I am not quite as enthusiastic about new Top Gun flick. While so, I find myself drawn to the upcoming Matchbox Top Gun: Maverick toys showed off at this year’s New York Toy Fair. The set is slated to release in June 1.

The Matchbox Top Gun: Maverick lineup include a “stomp rocket-like Sky Slammers part of the line” that lets you launch “a die-cast jet into the air.” Wait. What? How does it even work? I have not seen it in action, but launching metal stuff is probably never a good idea, right?

Matchbox Top Gun: Maverick Toys
Credit: CNN.

At this point, we are basing on CNN’s report. We find no pictures or videos of it. It was reported that are will be two models of Sky Slammers: Darkstar and Attack Jet, each retailing for $9.99. There are, of course, Matchbox’s staples i.e. die-cast models.

There will be a old-meet-new Top Gun Past & Present where you will find the memorable, variable-sweep wing 1986 Grumman F-14 Tomcat as well as the star hardware of the upcoming Top Gun movie, the 2020 Boeing Super Hornet F/A-18E, along with two Sky Busters.

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Top Gun Past & Present will sell for $11.49. In addition, there will be 13 Sky Busters available to collect, each going for $2.49.

Matchbox Top Gun: Maverick Toys
Credit: CNN.

I think the real highlight here is the Aircraft Carrier (or at least part of an aircraft carrier) playset/storage. Aircraft Carrier can store up to 10 Sky Busters and comes complete with flight deck/runway, a ship island/control tower, and a functioanl aircraft elevator to boot.

This package will run you back at $19.99 and it does come with a F/A-18.

Hmmm, wouldn’t it be nice that we can catapult die-cast aircraft off the aircraft carrier? I know what I said about launching metal, but imagine how cool it will be to replica a fighter jet launching off an aircraft carrier.

Finally, there will be a series of Top Gun: Maverick vehicles too, which comes in two five-packs ($5.49 per pack) and featuring plane, jeep, fuel truck and more. So, there you have it. Are you pumped about these new Matchbox toys?

Images: CNN.

Source: CNN via Twitter (@Mattel).