Throughout the modern history of rubber band gun, there have been attempts to recreate the ultimate Gatling gun, AKA minigun. But, TBH, none has come to close to this Rubber Band Minigun by Weaponized T-Rex.

Not only it bears the design of an actual minigun, but it is also electrically power – just like the real-deal. It is quite possibly the most accurate toy minigun, in terms of function and looks, since the DIY NERF Rival Minigun and the Echo1 M134 Minigun Airsoft Machine Gun.

Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun

Rubber Band Minigun boasts an all-wood construction and further features 12 barrels, 144-rubber-band capacity, easy loading mechanism allows it to be loaded up in 5 minutes and it is fully automatic. Sending the hundred-plus rubber band downrange rapidly is a matter of pulling the trigger.

Rubber Band Minigun comes in a choice of kit form or full assembled, and in either case, it has zero gluing and no soldering, as a true rubber band gun should.

Weaponized T-Rex Rubber Band Minigun

With a compelling design and a strong feature set, it is not hard to see why this product is over 3,000 percent funded on Kickstarter.

Speaking of which, it has a little over a day on the crowdfunding platform where you can secure a unit with a pledge of $94 or more. The only caveat I see here is, it won’t be deliver until February 2020. But I will let you be the judge of things.

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Skip ahead for an interesting B-grade movie-style pitch video.

All images courtesy of Weaponized T-Rex.

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