every first person shooter and gun enthusiasts alike will have this secret desire to own, or at least shoot a mini gun aka the Gatling gun, or as some would refer it as the baby Vulcan. i know have and the last time i ‘virtually’ did was on GTA V with the character Trevor. boy, was that a heavy thing that result in Trevor moving like a snail, but then again, the satisfaction of tearing down everything in my path was priceless. however, with this less-than-real-life but still pretty stunning piece of airsoft rendition from Echo1, the M134 MiniGun Airsoft Machine Gun, you will be lugging along half the weight, at 35 pounds, of the real-deal and literally make a serious impact in your next Airsoft battlefield.

with a velocity of 390 fps (with 0.2 g BB and a magazine capacity of a whopping 1,700 rounds, this is sure going scare the competition away. made of CNC metal construction, the M134 MiniGun Airsoft Machine Gun features an integrated carry handle, quick change barrel system and comes complete with a real wood crate and Certificate of Authenticity. well, not that the latter will matter when you are cutting down your friends with this, still it is assuring to have the necessary paperwork to prove that this ain’t no fake. for the princely sum of $3,899.99, you will get two sets of multi-barrels, one 35-inch and a shorter 27-inch item, to suit your applications. guess it doesn’t really matter when all you care is rain BBs on whoever or whatever is unfortunate to cross your path.

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the Echo1 M134 MiniGun Airsoft Machine Gun is a rather old airsoft weapon, though not as old as the real-deal which was first made in the 1960s and in service to present day, but it is nevertheless an awesome machine.

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