as cool as 3D printers are, they are pretty much restricted to small product prototyping, but if you are looking to prototype print something more life-size, such as a chair (yes. you heard that right. a chair), then look no further than the BigRep One Large Scale 3D Printer. with a build volume of 1.3 cubic meter or 1147 x 1000 x 1188 mm (or 45 x 40 x 47 inches) and a full aluminum frame, plus professional CNC components, this is a serious piece of machinery that is built to turn your big ideas into reality. all told, the machine weighs in at around 240 kilograms (or about 530 lbs) which is more than sturdy enough to take on any print jobs, many times over.

like most of today’s 3D printers, it supports a variety of materials including PLA, ABS, PVA, HDPE, PC, Nylon and more and features dual tool heads with 100 micro resolution, thus allowing you to print practically anything from complex architecture models to artistic objects to designer furniture. the only thing left is your imagination and a whole stack of cash necessary for the acquisition (and probably some 3D software knowledge). speaking of cash, if you or you studio wants one, be prepared to sign a big, fat check of $39,000 and that’s yet to factor in mandatory tax(es), and shipping and handling. available for pre-order now, with shipping in Berlin starting between April and May 2014. we have no idea when elsewhere could lay their hands on the BigRep One.

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BigRep One Large Scale 3D Printer - Example of Printed Tabletop

BigRep via Uncrate

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