when you hit the park or beach, surely you won’t want to lug around your laptop, right? so why should you carry a regular backpack or shoulder bag when your sole intention is to kick back and relax? no reasons and hence, the birth of The Casual Carry. frankly, if there is one thing the world isn’t lacking, it would be bags, but the The Casual Carry by London-based Bowhurst sees to it that their iteration of casual bag is truly casual and yet not compromising functionality and style. sure, it is just another drawstring bag – we are not going lie, but it presents style-conscious folks yet another option when it comes to traveling light. on top of that, it is one bag that won’t cost you a fortune. early backers will be to secure one for just £25 (about US$43) on The Casual Carry’s Kickstarter campaign. as always, whether the product will materialize depends on if it will reach its set funding goal in the 29 days.

The Casual Carry By Bowhurst

unlike other such casual bag, quality and functionality are not left to chance. it is not of some cheap nylon material; instead it is made of PU backed waterproof fabric that not only is strong, but it is also waterproof. also, where you normally find a single, large storage within, The Casual Carry features internal pockets for your smaller belongings. additionally, it is has a stable base, allowing the bag to stand upright, while cotton ropes with treated ends lets you secure the contents with ease. other details include woven labels, fine leather strap adjuster (on the draw ropes), steel hardware eyelets (presumably, stainless), and a design that allows of a variety of ways to carry it. so if you are in the market for a ‘travel light’ bag for your EDC with a dose of fashion statement, The Casual Carry By Bowhurst might be worthy of your consideration. check out the pitch video after the fold.

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