Influential Game Shows That Are Still Beloved

Game shows have been a regular and entertaining staple of the TV schedule for what seems like forever. While they come in many forms, there have been standout titles that captured our attention, generated discussion, and even a little controversy. These are the shows that became prominent additions to the game show arsenal and really caused a stir.

Deal Or No Deal

The Dutch show Miljoenenjacht spawned this popular game show format that became an international franchise. While the versions differed, the game format was all about whittling down the number of cases or boxes and, depending on the potential prize money remaining, making a deal, or continuing the process of elimination.

Noel Edmonds hosted the UK show while actor-comedian Howie Mandel took the reins of the US edition. Although both shows have now ended, the franchise lives on in other media formats. Online casinos have created games with licensed tie-ins, including a Deal Or No Deal Megaways slot, Deal Or No Deal: What’s In Your Box? Scratchcard, Deal Or No Deal Slingo, and Deal Or No Deal Live game show experience. The format of the show appears perfectly suited for casino game developers to create real money games and people still have a fondness for the show that makes these games so popular.

One appealing element of the show was The Banker, who remained mysterious and led many viewers to guess their identity. While they have subsequently been revealed, The Banker’s influence on the show is often overlooked. Without The Banker, Deal or No Deal would be tedious viewing.

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While there’s no news of Deal Or No Deal returning to our screens soon for a regular run of new episodes, reruns of the show still attract viewers. The show could return once again in the form of celebrity editions or seasonal episodes, such as the previously aired Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and even Banker’s birthday week episodes. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This show was such a hit after it debuted in September 1998 on British TV with host Chris Tarrant that it became a mammoth international game show franchise. The tension created in the studio, the large sums of prize money, the potential to make humiliating mistakes, the creative lifelines, and the multiple-choice question format all combined to make for pulsating TV viewing. Those that made it all the way to become Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? jackpot winners are still remembered today and unfortunately, so are those that made huge mistakes to be labeled Millionaire fails.

Jeremy Clarkson recently hosted the show in the UK and Late Night’s Jimmy Kimmel was the most recent host in America, but the show became huge worldwide and the format is still used in several surprising ways. Just like Deal Or No Deal, online casinos have been creative in using familiar features of the game to create slots, Slingo and a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette game.

The show even made it to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida in the form of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – Play It! The attraction featured a replica of the show’s set and contestants competed for points, not dollars during the 25-minute long sessions.

Both these game shows still retain a fanbase, so it would be no surprise to see Deal Or No Deal and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? return to our screens soon.

Featured image: Sony Pictures Television.