On the first Hasbro Fan First Tuesday this week, Hasbro has some real treats for fans of Transformers. During the live stream on Tuesday, fans were introduced to the newest Shattered Glass Transformers, Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus, and a bunch of new toys from the new wave of Transformers Generations Legacy toy line.

Transformers Generations Legacy Decepticon Motormaster

The new Transformers Generations Legacy lineup is what should interest old-school Transformers fans because it includes two members of the second Combiner from the G1 continuity (though not necessarily a G1 design, IMHO). Joining the already in the market Transformers Generations Legacy Decepticon Dragstrip are Motormaster and Wild Rider.

Motormaster is a Commander Class figure that comes with a trailer. The semi and the trailer combine to form Menasor’s main body which towers at 13 inches (about 33 cm) tall. Motormaster offers three modes. It converts from truck to robot in 23 steps, while the trailer converts into a battle station, also in 23 steps.

Transformers Generations Legacy Decepticon Motormaster

Each figure further includes an Energon sword the combiner famously wielded as well as Energon blaster accessories.

Wild Rider, on the other hand, is a 5.5-inch (14 cm) figure that transforms from a robot to a Ferrari lookalike sports car in 17 steps. It, too, comes with Energon blaster accessories (2x). will attach itself to the left leg.

In the combined mode, Wild Rider attaches itself to the left leg of the Menasor.

Both the Transformers Generations Legacy Motormaster and Wild Rider will drop on December 01, 2022, for US$89.99 and US$24.99, respectively. Pre-orders are happening now from Hasbropulse.com as well as from toy retailers.

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Amazon is also taking Motormaster and Wild Rider for a slightly cheaper price of US84.99 and US$22.99, respectively. Also revealed were the G2 Universe Jhiaxus (US$33.99), Elita-1 (US$24.99), Predacon Tarantulas (US$24.99), Prime Universe Knock-out (US$24.99), and Blitzwing (US$55.99), a triple-changer. The latter is also a much-anticipated toy.

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Images: Hasbro.

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