Ultraman New Power of Singapore Full Video

The Ultraman x Singapore Tourism Board (STB) videos from last year have now been stitched together into a single, full episode lasting over 6 minutes. The Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore – Visit Singapore video is part of the new Singapore and Ultraman collaboration project dubbed Singapore Reimagine ULTRAMAN.

Ultraman New Power of Singapore Full Video
Ultraman should be way shorter… just saying…

Singapore Reimagine ULTRAMAN commemorates the 55 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries (as in 2021), as well as the 55 years since Ultraman’s first television appearance (also as in 2021). If you haven’t already watched the individual videos from last year yet, this new full episode version will let you take it all in with a single video.

For the initiated, the premise of this special Ultraman episode is Dr. Alisha Hoshi of the Singapore Special Branch of the Science Special Investigation Corps was researching past materials on mysterious phenomena in various locations in Singapore when kaiju started appearing.

Thankfully, the gigantic alien superhero from the Land of Light in Nebula M78 was in Singapore to save the island state from the destruction by these giant monsters.

Ultraman New Power of Singapore Full Video
Hang on Urutoraman. Back up is coming…

When the monster starts appearing at Singapore’s popular tourist spots like Gardens by the Bay, Jewel Changi Airport, Sentosa Island, and Marina Bay, Ultraman appears to stop it on its track. In the finale, the gigantic alien superhero had to deal with all three kaijus but fortunately, he had a surprising backup created especially for this episode.

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Now that Singapore is easing the border restrictions, the country is looking to rebuild the tourism industry that was pretty much destroyed by the pandemic.

As far as the video goes, it looked and felt like any Ultraman episode, except that it didn’t happen in Japan and it uses real-world scenes as opposed to a diorama.

Never mind that the water at Marina Bay should be a lot deeper than the mid-shin of Ultraman – which, according to my calculation based on the reported 131 feet (40 meters) tall Ultraman, is just 15 feet (4.5 meters). Surely the water is deeper than that. Then again, it is science fiction and we are not going to be the “fun one” at the party.

Images: YouTube (ウルトラマン公式 ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL by TSUBURAYA PROD.).