You probably have seen various versions of LEGO MOC Evangelion. Rest assure what you about to see here is unlike anything thing you may have seen. What you see here is Second Child Asuka Langley Sohryu’s EVA Unit 02, aka Production Model, and it stands out as a creation that uses a lot of LEGO Technic elements, like seriously a lot.

Custom LEGO Technic Evangelion Unit 02 by Seonghoon Park

80% of the entire build are LEGO Technic, including the skeleton. And yes, it totally has a skeleton! LEGO elements were mainly used for detailing. The inclusion of Technic elements serve to accentuate the model’s mecha nature, IMHO. Thumbs up to that.

This mind-blowing creation towers at 140 centimeters (5 feet) tall and it took its creator, Korean LEGO enthusiast Seonghoon Park aka Buffoon, 10 years to complete. Park started with just the head, as he always do when creating LEGO MOC, sometime in 2011.

Custom LEGO Technic Evangelion Unit 02 by Seonghoon Park
Just look at the head sculpt! Absolutely mind-blowing!

In 2017, it only had the head and the upper torso and a year later, it got its arms. As to why he took a decade… Park said there were parts which he wanted but wasn’t available until later years.

It was only when those parts came onto the market with certain sets that he was able to complete his vision of the Unit 02.

Custom LEGO Technic Evangelion Unit 02 by Seonghoon Park

When asked why he did not build the more popular Unit 01, he said red LEGO elements are easier to source.

Park’s Unit 02 is not a sculpture, btw. It has some form of articulation.

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The head can look up and down, and rotate side around. The wrists can rotate too, as can the fore arms and the biceps. The shoulder section can rotate around the axis and the entire arm can bend up to 90-degree at the elbow. It looks like the knees have some form of articulation, albeit adjustments have made using a LEGO Technic “key”.

Damn, that sure sounds like a human-size action figure to me.

Custom LEGO Technic Evangelion Unit 02 by Seonghoon Park

Park did not reveal how many pieces have gone into it, nor did he reveal the weight. I can only imagine no one will not want this to fall on them. It looks like it weighs a ton.

Anywho, you can learn more about Park and his stunning creations, as well as his other awesome works in the video below. You can also find Park on Instagram where he often share his LEGO MOC.

Images: Instagram (buffoon.92)/YouTube (Thestory 더스토리).

Source: YouTube (Thestory 더스토리).

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