This Rubber Band Minigun Is Possibly The Most Accurate Rubber Band Minigun We Have Seen

Throughout the modern history of rubber band gun, there have been attempts to recreate the ultimate Gatling gun, AKA minigun. But, TBH, none has come to close to this Rubber Band Minigun by Weaponized T-Rex.

This Rubber Band Version Of Han Solo’s Iconic Sidearm Shoots “Laser”

If you are a huge Star Wars fan who hope Han Solo’s iconic sidearm, the BlasTech Industries DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, was real, well, we got good news for you. It is real. Well, almost. Slingshot Channel’s Joerg Sprave has made a rubber band version of the weapon used in the film. Now, you must …

This 3D-printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun Will Make You Look Like A Cyborg

Times may have changed, but rubber band gun remains a favorite among boys and dudes alike. That said, while keeping with time, modern rubber band gun need not to be made out of wood, neither does it need to be handcrafted. Why? Because we have 3D printers now and first-time Instructables member mdavisgtm aka Matthew …

Forget About Your Heirloom-worthy Rubber Band Gun, Here Are Some That Are Modeled After Real Firearms

It’s 21st century and surprisingly, there is still room for rubber band guns. In fact, I suspect some of you even have one past down by your grandpa. As well as those may have worked out till this day, they are hardly considered aesthetically pleasing. But like I said, it is the 21st century, which …

Rubber Band Machine Gun

rubber band warfare is about to get a little crazier, thanks to this awe-inspiring creation by Ukraine-based Alex Shpetniy and Brian Dinh, simply (and no less aptly) dubbed as the Rubber Band Machine Gun (not to be confused the RBmG, though). with a capacity of 672 shots of rubber bands and a firing rate of 14 shots per second

Rubber Band Machine Gun

the thing about rubber band gun is, it does not have the range and the rate of fire? well, we rather not talk about it, but strangely, it never loses its appeal even in a world swarmed with foam blasting toy guns. admittedly, with the Rubber Band Machine Gun by XYZbot, the range issue still persists, but it more than make up for this ‘short fall’ with the rate of fire

Bandit Guns – Rubber Band Shotgun

we usually outgrow our toys soon enough but one category of toys that we will probably not grow out of are toy guns. that’s probably why we have Airsoft and paintball guns for grown up (shooting) amusements. anyway, if you take this all time favorite and give it a little throw back, what you get is the nostalgic rubber band shooter but not just any rubber band gun, it’s the Bandit Guns…