the thing about rubber band gun is, it does not have the range and the rate of fire? well, we rather not talk about it, but strangely, it never loses its appeal even in a world swarmed with foam blasting toy guns. admittedly, with the Rubber Band Machine Gun by XYZbot, the range issue still persists, but it more than make up for this ‘short fall’ with the rate of fire – a whole lot of it. assembled in about 30 minutes from a kit of laser cut wooden parts, the Rubber Band Machine Gun employs the help of a batter-powered electric motor to enable it to unleash around 800 rubber bands per minute. at this rate, nothing in the way of this rubber band shooter stands a chance – something which the soda cans should be worrying about.

all you have to do is load up the batteries and rubber bands, take aim and hold down the trigger to let loose the rubber bands. up to 64 rubber bands can be loaded onto the Rubber Band Machine Gun, but according to its creator XYZbot, with careful loading, you could actually “double load” up to 128 rubber bands. recommended for kids age 12 and up, which we are included! so that’s a good news, isn’t it? as mentioned, it comes in a kit form and the assembly process requires the use of screwdrivers and pliers, which you have to provide your own. also, adult supervision is definitely required here, be it putting it together or when playing with it. though it may not be lethal, anything that involves projectiles must be treated with respect.

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the team behind the Rubber Band Machine Gun has taken this project to Kickstarter, seeking $10k to fund the production of this fun shooter. you can help to take the Rubber Band Machine Gun a step closer to reality by making a pledge of $49 or more. delivery is slated for February 2014, but if you back it up with $59 or more, you can guaranteed a shipping in time for Christmas. though, it is worthy to note that the latter is only available to US addresses and only limited numbers are available. hit the jump for a humorous pitch video to learn more.

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