usually, skateboarders will never fail to get the rightful attention, however, if you ever need a boost in the look-at-me department, then look no further than the Hydroflex Hi-tech Composite Skateboards. seriously, if these funky colored (we are tempted to say psychedelic) skate decks don’t attract any attention at all, we don’t know what will. the honeycomb-patterned deck with radiating colors is more than just an eye-pleaser. behind it is a patented process know as the 3D-Glassing Technology, along with clever construction methodology which result in skateboards that are lighter than its wooden and plastic counterparts, much stronger and totally waterproof.

based around the firm’s surfboard-making concept, these skate decks are actually a composition of high-density PET foam core, triaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin, and connected by 3D-Glassing Technology. at present, three models are being offered: a micro cruiser named The Crilla, a mini cruiser aptly dubbed as Beach Leech, and The Angler, which is a downhill and freeride longboard. each model is specifically crafted and sculpted for its intended purpose, featuring integrated tail and nose protector, and rail reinforcements to soak up impact forces. available as deck-only or as a complete with Paris trucks and Divine wheels paired with Abec bearings. though size and model of the trucks, wheels and bearings used are dependent on the model.

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prices for the Hydroflex Hi-tech Composite Skateboards start from just $90 for the deck-only The Crilla Micro Cruiser and runs up to $310 for The Angler complete. check out a pitch video after the break to learn more about these new innovative skateboards.

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