I am sure everyone knows what radio-controlled or remote-controlled cars are. However, unless you are immersed deeply in this hobby, you probably never know how far this hobby has come regarding the scale representation of the actual automobiles. The CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit is a perfect example of how far scale RC kit has evolved.

CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit

And no, I don’t believe it is officially licensed but you are not going to care if it is or is not licensed formally when you learned about the details. CAPO RACING (sometimes also referred to as CAPO STUDIO) has established itself as the ultra-realistic scale RC model maker but the upcoming CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit is going to take scale realism to a whole new level far beyond any RC brand.

Based on the iconic sports car revered by JDM fans the world over, this 1/8 scale variety features mechanical details scaled down from the actual car, including a scale steering system, scale suspensions with coil-over shock absorbers, and stepless damping adjustment, differential gear made produced using MIMI Tech powder metallurgy, and a detailed engine bay with the inline-six engine which is actually a house for the electric motor (not included) – just to name a few.

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CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit
It is hard to believe this isn’t a real car.

The “inline six” RB26DETT engine is integrated with a transmission box – just like a real automobile – which has a working two-speed gearbox. The kit is complete with, for the first time, an over-the-top magnesium alloy body with separate front and rear bumper pieces made of plastic, just like it was on the real car.

The first batch of the CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit was presented in a Midnight Purple II hue as the nod to a limited run of 300 available with the launch of the R34. However, this Midnight Purple II, which was only available with the first batch, is all sold out. CAPO is accepting pre-orders for the second batch which, for now, has just 300-500 units planned.

The CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit is a celebratory product created to celebrate CAPO Studio’s 10th anniversary. It is a kit. Electronics required to make it a running RC, including the controller, are not included.

CAPO CD15829 1/8th Skyline GT-R R34 RC Kit
The iconic red RB26 is where the electric motor will be housed.

As for the price, it is not for the faint of heart. We heard the second batch commands a cool 12,200 yuan, which works out to be around US$1,763 based on the current going rate. And may we remind you that does not include the electronics.


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