if you expect to find your USB flash drive to be in some seriously extreme conditions such as running over by a vehicle, subject to 3,600 Fahrenheit (about 2,000oC) of heat, burnt by blowtorch, or even taking a dive down to 1.2 miles (2 km) of water, just to name a few, then Dave Humphrey from Canada might just have the USB flash drive for you. he has developed the “world’s toughest USB drive” that will escape those extremes unscathed. called VIUD or Virtually Indestructible USB Drive, this super tough digital storage device is designed for life’s unexpected situations and can take virtually any punishment you or Mother Nature can unleash upon it, all while keeping the electronic and the digital content within safe and sound.

VIUD Virtually Indestructible USB Drive

in fact, it is so tough that it can even stand up to 2,000 Gs of acceleration and exposed to direct fire for up to a minute. sounds like the sure thing to store your digital journal (or worst case, a will) on if you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of Arctic or Sahara Desert, but that’s provided that your laptop has not given up in whatever extremes you have gone through. key features include USB 3.0 technology for super fast data transfer, magnetic screw-in cap and base for cap storage, knurled sections for enhanced grip when opening and closing, epoxy filled for circuit board protection, hole on cap for keychain or lanyard, and laser engraved branding and serial number.

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VIUD Virtually Indestructible USB Drive

the USB drive is operable between -4 and 122oF (-20-50oC), but is capable of withstanding the wrath of 3,600 degrees of heat for up to 30 seconds (capped, of course) and can sustain drops from as hight as 164 feet (50 meters). we can’t possibly list all the extremes that its inventor claims it could go through, but if his data were to be believed, this could very well be the world’s toughest USB drive. period. the VIUD is available in aluminum or super tough titanium enclosure and in five capacities ranging from 16GB all the way up to 256GB.

prices start at $199 CAD and runs up to a cool $599 CAD for the 256GB item in Titanium body. there is a catch though. it is not available now. it is on Kickstarter pulling in support and funds to turn it into a commercially viable product, for which Humphrey will need 25,000 Canadian dollars. keep going for a pitch video to see some of the torture test VIUD has been subjected to.

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