The SoundShirt you see here is like the Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable. It lets a person wearing it feel music. However, unlike Woojer, SoundShirt by tech fashion company CuteCircuit is designed for the deaf.

Through a series of haptic sensors seamlessly integrated around the shirt, the wearer will be able to sense music as they are being played. Altogether, there are 30 micro-actuators that translate sound, in real-time, to touch-like sensations that can be felt on the arms and torso of the wearer.

I think the most high-tech aspect of SoundShirt is the fact that it uses a specially developed smart and stretchy fabric which has conductive pathways built into it. In other words, it has not “primitive” wiring that would otherwise make wearing it uncomfortable. Pretty damn cool, right? We think it is.

But as cool as it is, SoundShirt is not cheap. Last check SoundShirt 2.0 Dev Kit costs a princely sum of £3,000 (or approximately $3,967).

Images: CuteCircuit.

Source: The Red Ferret.

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