If you reminisce the good’ol time you had at your local arcade (with the pixelated video games, not the Flash Dance girls), then I am 101 percent sure you will dig the Capcom Home Arcade video game system as much as I do. Announced by Capcom UK via Twitter, the Capcom Home Arcade is essentially a video game console that you can simply plug into your TV and get right into action with 16 classic Capcom popular arcade games preloaded in the machine.

Capcom Home Arcade Video Game System

Here are the list games you can expect to find inside the Capcom Home Arcade:

Capcom Home Arcade Video Game System

There aren’t a lot to go around as far as information goes, but from the reveal trailer, we know that it gets two full-size premium Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT sticks and buttons layout in the classic configuration on a device that is shaped in Capcom iconic logo, complete with the branding. Save for the sticks, the buttons appear to not to have colors on them.

Capcom Home Arcade Video Game System

We also know that it is WiFi-enabled, so scores can be fed to the worldwide leader boards and it will have a HDMI port to hook up to modern flat screen TV around the back. There’s also a USB port next to the HDMI, but it is unclear what is it for. Definitely not for power as it appears to be already have a dedicated power port. Perhaps, for future game update or software update?

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The Capcom Home Arcade will retail for around US$287.49 when it becomes available in October 25, 2019, but already, eager beavers can secure it by pre-ordering it on the Capcom Home Arcade website. Continue reading to watch the official reveal video.

Capcom Home Arcade Video Game System

Images: Capcom Europe.

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