How many times have you fallen asleep while watching your favorite TV shows? It happens and it sucks to be waiting for reruns or buying DVDs for it, but that could be a thing of the past with the KipstR wristband. The mere mention of ‘wristband’ would probably conjure up the image of a fitness tracker, but this wristband is not that kind of wristband. It is a wristband made for serious couch potatoes. Developed in partnership with KipstR and TiVo, this 3D-printed wristband which uses a pulse-oximeter to sense if you’re awake or asleep.

If you doze off midway through the show, the wristband then assume the role of the TiVo remote control, firing off command to pause, record or resume a show accordingly. At this point, we are not sure what do they mean by “resume”, but we will take it as it means when you wakes up, the show gets back to where you have left off. So why do Virgin Media thinks the world is in need of such frivolous device? Well, here’s why:

According to research, 18% of people are expected to fall asleep on the sofa on Christmas Day and with dads being the most likely to take control of telly viewing over the festive period, the rest of the family will now be able to change the channel when he’s asleep safe in the knowledge that his show will be recorded thanks to KipstR. That should help prevent some of the 4 million arguments over TV expected at Christmas.

Ahhh… looks like it could help to avert potential dispute. Sounds like brilliant, but does it warrant a dedicated device? I don’t know. You can be the judge. However, KipstR wristband could be developed further to do more than pause-record-play when you enters the la la land; such as a thing called “emotionally entertainment systems that can suggest shows based on your moods, or harnessing brainwaves to control your television.” If that happens, everyone could be Professor X of TV control. Interested? Well, if you reside in the UK, you will have a shot in giving the KipstR wristband a go by registering for a trial of the device HERE.

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Virgin Media via Gizmodo

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