Can’t enough of all-thing gold? Well, then here’s another one to feed your insatiable appetite for the ridiculously expensive: the Gold iPhone by Hadoro Paris. There is nothing overly opulent or groundbreaking about Hadoro’s iterations; they bears the ‘usual’ luxury finishes as presented to you by the Parisian outfit. In total, Hadoro has six models in five precious finishing for you to choose from. Expect the usual Gold and Rose Gold flavor, both of which are also offered in brush finishing with the Rose Gold of both finishes getting the option of diamond-decorated Apple logo. And then there is the Ruthenium finish model that though does without precious stones, is as priced on par as the diamonds-treated Rose Gold edition.

It appears that only the smaller iPhone 6 is being luxes up here, at least for now, but rest assure that the prices are many times more the stock 6 Plus and should sit well with your lavish lifestyle. Expect to shell out at least 4,000 euros (about U$4,900) for the Gold and Gold brush and 8,800 euros (around US$10,800) for the Ruthenium or the diamond-decorated Rose Gold models. With the exception of the Ruthenium-plated model, which is 64GB, all models are of the 128GB capacity. Additionally, all phones sold are SIM-free and factory unlocked and are nickel-free. If you’re already jet-setting around in a golden throne-equipped private jet, then there is no reason not to grab one of these crazy luxury smartphones.

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Gold iPhone by Hadoro Paris - Gold

Gold iPhone by Hadoro Paris - Rose Gold Brush with Diamonds

Gold iPhone by Hadoro Paris - Rose Gold Brush

Hadoro via Highsnobiety

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