Kissenger - The World’s First Mobile Kiss Messenger

This has to be the weirdest stuff we come across today. It is a called Kissenger, the world’s first mobile kiss messenger (hence, the portmanteau ‘Kissenger’). Kissenger is exactly what it sounds like: sending kisses as messages. And just to clarify, the kisses sent here are not by the way of emoji; it is physical kisses, well, kind of. In order for Kissenger to work, it has to be used as a pair. The hardware has a placeholder for your smartphone and there’s a pad packed with sensors and actuators that will simulate kiss with another human. You basically lock lips with the pad and the hardware, aided by a companion app, realizes the kissing sensation on the receiving holster.

There’s no presence of orifice, so I guess playing with each other tongue is out of question and also, you won’t be getting a moist lip job (and possibly a cold one, but that really depends on the ambient temperature), but it is as close as you can get for now. So, will this gadget help to close the gap of long distance relationship? Maybe, since cam girls can satisfy some, I suppose this would do too. I mean, for a real relationship, that is. I am not sure when this Kissenger came about, but one thing for sure, it isn’t the first to make long distance kiss a reality. There was already a Kissenger from a few years ago, by a Singapore-based startup, but that Kissenger wasn’t mobile.

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However, the difference is, that Kissenger requires a cam-like hardware which you kiss and let it do its job of sending that kiss halfway around the world, or next door, or wherever. At this point, it appears that Kissenger (the mobile one, that is) is still in its prototype stage with no words on when it will be available, or when it becomes available, how much will it cost.

Source and image via BoingBoing