Working LEGO NERF Gun by Astonishing Studio

There’s no arguing that the world’s famous bricks, AKA LEGO, spur creativity like no other. Heck, even grown ups find these plastic bricks a blast to tinkle with outside of official sets. Speaking blast, YouTube channel Astonishing Studios’ has created a LEGO replica of Hasbro’s NERF Maverick REV-6 foam dart blaster which is yet another testimony of LEGO’s versatility. The most impressive part about Astonishing Studios’ LEGO NERF Gun is, beyond striking resemblance to the original NERF foam dart shooter, it actually works.

Yep, this beautiful creation is well capable of shooting the good’ol foam darts (the suction cup tip ones, if we may add) just like the original does and perhaps even more impressively is, the entire thing was put together exclusively using LEGO parts, save for a metal spring necessary for launching the projectiles. One may argue what Astonishing Studios did wasn’t the first, but it is possibly the first to not only looks and function like the original iconic NERF blaster.

Interestingly, the cylinder that the foam darts are inserted into are made up of several LEGO wheels which turned out to have smaller holes than the darts can fit, and so, Astonishing Studios had to shaved down each dart to make them fit. Other than that, everything seems to work as it should. Catch it in action after the break.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

via Gizmodo