Hadoro’s Luxurious Carbon Fiber AirPods Costs A Cool $760

There is no way you can’t stand out with the Apple AirPods (that’s in a bad way, btw), but even so, you may want a touch luxury or individualism which companies like Brikk and ColorWare will gladly provide. While ColorWare 150-ish custom color Apple earbuds is affordable, we can’t say the same for Brikk Lux […]

Here Are Some Precious Finish iPhone from Hadoro That Promised Not to Fade and Nickel-free

Can’t enough of all-thing gold? Well, then here’s another one to feed your insatiable appetite for the ridiculously expensive: the Gold iPhone by Hadoro Paris. There is nothing overly opulent or groundbreaking about Hadoro’s iterations; they bears the ‘usual’ luxury finishes as presented to you by the Parisian outfit. In total, Hadoro has six models […]