Bringing your own bag on your daily grocery run is nothing new. Most eco-conscious folk would have a few eco-bags. While the SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag by Ultix Outdoors here looks to be yet another eco-bag that is extremely stylish, it is actually more than just a bag.

SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag by Ultix Outdoors

For starters, it is super-strong and splash-proof so it could stand up to the daily grocery run abuses. In addition to the ability to be folded down into an incredibly small package when not in use, the SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag has something other eco-bags do not have and that is organization.

Believe it or not, this super cool eco-bag has modular compartments that can be used for separating any items. With this eco-bag, you can five up to five separate compartments So, yeah, it is not just another dump-everything-inside eco-bag and that is kind of cool.

SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag by Ultix Outdoors

The fact that it has modular compartments and you can size each compartment/pocket however you see fits, means this super stylish, eco-bag can also serve as your regular cool-look bag. Who knows? You may be kicking off a street fashion trend with it?

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider pledging for a product on SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag’s Kickstarter campaign page. A pledge of £22 or more (or about US$31, according to Kickstarter), will secure you a bag. It’s awfully pricey for an eco-bag, but if you look at it as a regular bag, it is actually pretty reasonable.

SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag by Ultix Outdoors

Anyhoo, the campaign has met its funding goal. This means a pledge for a product is a pre-order that, if everything goes as planned, you should be expecting delivery of the product starting in March 2022.

SuperCarrier 2.0 Clever Bag by Ultix Outdoors

All images courtesy of Ultix Outdoors.

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