Joining KILLSPENCER’s growing list of very upmarket (and uber-stylish) sporting gear and accessories for tennis is this super stylish KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Case.

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Case

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Case is a hands-free racket bag for your most trusted tennis racket that oozes with style. It is the second tennis racket case after the tennis racket backpack from the brand and I think it is killing it yet again.

I mean, just look at the bag. Quilted leather. How many times do you get that from a tennis racket bag? Never. Well, that’s until now.

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Case

Elevating you as a classy tennis sportsperson is a tennis case featuring an expertly hand-quilted exterior using premium pebbled leather, a removable strap, and durable matte black hardware.

While obviously uber classy and stylish, the KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Case is not for everyone because it costs a cool US$625 a pop. A price that is probably three times more than your racket.

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Case


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