YogurtPlus’s customers get to use iPads while eating yogurts

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(credit: mike chua)

some months ago i read about a certain cafe in Tokyo that let their customers use the cafe’s iPads while chilling out at their cafe. well, it turns out that Singapore also has such similar concept but in a form of a yogurt store. the store in question is Yogurt Plus located in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2. Yogurt Plus has installed a total of five iPad ‘terminals’ in a bar counter set up for their paying customers to use. unlike the Tokyo’s cafe, the iPads are securely installed into the custom bar counter, effectively rendering any apps that requires gyroscope or accelerometers useless.
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all iPads are in landscape mode and are mainly to keep the guests entertained while they are savoring their yogurts. due to the open concept, the store also tend to attract ‘non-paying’ customers but then again, i guess the store manager have the right to shoo them out if the bar counter is needed. pretty neat concept but i was never a fan of yogurt so i will just give that a miss and use my own iPad while sipping a cup of latte from Starbucks.

Store Information

store YogurtPlus
where arrival meeting hall north, level 1
terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport
60 Airport Boulevard
web www.yoghurtplus.com

YogurtPlus 544x408px

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