forget about mile high club; the new black in luxury travel is going deep down, into the the blue and we are not even talking about scuba diving. we are talking about Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway, known as Lover’s Deep, by offered up by UK-based Oliver’s Travels. your fellow richie rich may have bagged a ticket or two to the space, but seriously, romantic it is not and so if you are looking for the ultimate romantic getaway with your other half that’s unlike any other, this is it. unlike typical cruises, Lover’s Deep is designed with couples in mind and henceforth, it will accommodate two plus the necessary crews including a personal butler and the captain. of course, there will be a mandatory chef that will whip up a unique, aphrodisiac tasting menu to spice up your underwater romantic adventure.

this lover’s u-boat will dive as deep as 650 feet below the surface, treating the guests to beautiful marine views and bringing them the locations of their pickings. Oliver’s Travels concierge team is also available to propose various on-land excursions, though we hardly think any couple would want to leave this new-found love nest, albeit being a temporary one. this specially adapted submarine features a full suite of luxury amenities expected of any luxury cruise ship, including a full bar and entertainment area, and a surreal sleep quarters complete with plush, expansive bed and underwater views. the Lover’s Deep offers the privacy and quality romantic time a couple seeks, away from paparazzi, if you are haunted by them, but it may not be an option of you are claustrophobic. however, such exclusivity doesn’t come cheap; expect the Lover’s Deep to set you back at £87,500 per person per night.

via Design Boom

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