We had a housewarming party many years ago. Many people came and brought gifts and it was among those gifts that we found an easter egg surprise. It was actually a regift. How did we know? Because the personalized message, handwritten by the original gifter to our gifter, was still in there. Brilliant. To save this particular friend’s face, so to speak, we did not tell about it until these day. Embarrassing, indeed, but with the The Messenger by NomadicGifts, it is the opposite; regifting is encouraged (if not a must) and forms the backbone of the whole idea. In fact, its creator intentionally designed a gift that never for yours to keep. Odd, it is. The concept is, you present this gift to a person and cross your fingers he or she won’t keep it (not a typo, we said ‘WON’T KEEP IT’), but to play safe, you could just tell him (or her) the intention.

The Messenger by NomadicGifts

But what’s the purpose behind this? According to its creator, Becky Kent, her mission “is to bring to life the art of regifting with style, as a social experiment.” Oh yes, we forgot to mention what’t the gift. It’s a porcelain pigeon, molded from Becky’s hand-carved, high-quality porcelain sculpture. Each Messenger has an ID number that allows you to enter it into the online mapping program or via a mobile app. From this media, you will be able to share photos (perhaps images of The Messenger at where you received it) and messages with everyone who have had The Messenger before and after you. The true gift here is intangible. The value lies in the process and with it, the thoughts, ideas and interactions among people that forms the true gift that will lives on.

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Like the pigeons that used to deliver message to behind enemy lines, the porcelain beauty will do the same, except there won’t be enemy lines. Want one? You can secure yourself one from Kickstarter for an early backer price of $79. Each bird will come with its own bamboo box that doubles as a stand for the Messenger. Catch the pitch video after the break.

The Messenger by NomadicGifts

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