c-224 Li-Fi LED Lamp by Alexandre Picciotto

Light source, such as those coming from desk lamps and whatnot, is part and parcel of our everyday life and so, it only makes sense that we start leveraging on it to do more than just lighting up. The same thought struck Alexandre Picciotto when he designed this lamp called c-224. On the surface, c-224 looks like a regular designer lamp, but beneath its sleek aesthetic, it is actually a Li-Fi (pronounced as /‘laɪfaɪ/) point too. Wait, Li what, you ask?

Well, that’s Li-Fi, short for light fidelity, and it has absolutely nothing to do with sound. Li-Fi is a new form of wireless communication technology that uses light to transmit data and position. In other words, it is the Wi-Fi you know but with transmission through light – specifically LED light. Developed in collaboration with Oledcomm, c-224 allows devices placed under the light to enjoy fast and reliable connection without worrying about being hack.

c-224 Li-Fi LED Lamp by Alexandre Picciotto

Li-Fi offers users faster network speeds and a more secure connection over cell or Wi-Fi technology. It is designed to be installed in libraries as a reading light as well as providing Internet connection for library users. Thanks to the invisible infrared technology, data can still be transmitted even when the light is switched off. With billions of LED light already in place, Li-Fi sure beats having to spent on expensive cell towers, or the hassle of installing wireless routers.

It is brilliant alternative to the existing connectivity options and one that does not seem to be any con, yet. c-224 Li-Fi LED Lamp was Alexandre Picciotto’s diploma project at écal, guided by Camille blin and Sebastian Wrong. C-224 is not the only project from Picciotto; he has a long list of interesting projects which you can learn more at his website.

Images: Alexandre Picciotto.

Source: Yanko Design.