Finnish extreme motorsport junkies who called themselves Stunt Freaks Team has created a super cool powder-kicking snowmobile, or more correctly put, a ‘snow bike’. Stunt Freaks Team’s snow bike started its life as a Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R, kicking out 170 ponies, but now it has got the front wheel swapped for a ski and the rear, a dual-suspension equipped track that stretch to rear at a ridiculous length. Man, you got see it to believe what these dudes have done.

Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R Snow Bike

Not only it is aesthetically cool, it looks like those lads had a lot of fun with it too. And also, it is super versatile, capable of traversing snow, land and even water. The guys have a made a video that has lots of pyrotechnics. Speaking of pyro, it looks like the team is not only into strange motorcycle contraptions, but also explosions. They must be fans of the original Mythbuster.

Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R Snow Bike

Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R Snow Bike

Here’s a video of it rolling on the solid ground:

And here’s a footage of it making a dash across the lake:

Finally, this is the video of it shredding the powdered mountain:

Images: Stunt Freaks Team.


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