This Kit Will Turn A Regular Bicycle Into An Pedal-Assist Electric Snowbike

As the snow falls, your road or mountain bicycle becomes redundant. Well, not if ENVO can help it. The Canada-based electric mobility company has developed an Electric SnowBike Kit that will convert your bicycle into a snow-friendly, pedal-assist electric snow bicycle. It is the first ever pedal-assist electric snow bicycle, btw, and it hella cool.

Snowmobile For Kids Is The Most Exciting Kiddie Ride Since Kiddie Rides

Kiddie ride is cool, but when the white powder covers the ground, even the pricest of the kiddie rides will be rendered pretty much useless – unless there are snow tires for it. But that won’t be the case with the NASEKA Electric Snowmobile for Kids. If I am not wrong, this is NASEKA is […]

Nissan Brought An Altima With Tracks To Montreal Auto Show

Here’s a Nissan Altima, but as you can see, it is not the run-of-the-mill Altima. It has heavy-duty track system in place of wheels. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially Nissan fans because, turning its cars into a powdered ground-tearing beast with tracks wasn’t new. I believe it started with Nissan Rouge back in 2016 for […]

Extreme Motorsport Junkies Turned A Suzuki GSX-R Into Snow-going Beast

Finnish extreme motorsport junkies who called themselves Stunt Freaks Team has created a super cool powder-kicking snowmobile, or more correctly put, a ‘snow bike’. Stunt Freaks Team’s snow bike started its life as a Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R, kicking out 170 ponies, but now it has got the front wheel swapped for a ski and the […]

Nissan Replaces A 370Z’s Wheels With Skis And Tracks, Calls It 370Zki

Do you own a 370Z? Yes? But can your 370Z take on the powdered ground? Probably – if you have snow tires/snow chain on its rolling stock, but I bet it will not be as maneuverable as this 370Z here. Specially constructed for this year Chicago Motor Show, this snow-going 370Z sports a head turning […]

If Lamborghini With Tank Tracks Is Real, It Would Be A Super Snowmobile

If there’s one thing petrolheads hate, it would be snow. Powdered covered roads are no good for cars and obviously, not safe for some serious tire burning. But what if your favorite ride, such as a Lamborghini Huracán, has tracked like snowmobiles? Well, then that, my friend, means whatever season comes, you can always hit […]

SnoPed Is A Super Cool Snowmobile That Looks Totally Like Rey’s Speeder

What happen when you cross a motorcycle with a snowmobile? I know. You’re probably thinking of a motocross-style snow bike like the Yamaha HL500 snow bike. Your are right if the vehicle in question is designed and built by mechanics or engineers, but leave it to multi-disciplinary designer Joey Ruiter, the result would be SnoPed, […]

Northern Lights Optic’s Promotional Snow Bike is a Classic Yamaha HL500 Slapped with Modern Ski Kit

Eyewear has no direct relation to snow-going transportations. That’s obvious. But to Northern Lights Optic’s Orion Anthony, the brand is all about adventure and freedom with a touch of vintage and therefore, to him, there is no better way to promote the brand by banding together a vintage trail bike with a modern snow bike […]

Polaris Announces 2016 Snowmobile Lineup Featuring AXYS Chassis

It seem like just yesterday when Polaris debuted the 2015 Snowmobile lineup featuring the AXYS chassis. Yep. It is the time of the year again, this time, we are looking at the 2016 Snowmobile lineup. As before, the new lineup features Polaris’ AXYS chassis for improved rider-balanced control and response. In all, there are twenty […]

Snow Crawler Is A Concept Snowmobile That Keeps The Rider Shielded From The Elements

Snowmobile’s design has has remain largely unchanged for ages. Though it may have more powerful and efficient engine and possibly more capable suspension, one thing has remained the same: the rider is still subjected to freezing cold. However, designer Michal Bonikowski begs to differ. His concept snowmobile, dubbed Snow Crawler, makes exploring the white powder-covered […]