If there’s one thing petrolheads hate, it would be snow. Powdered covered roads are no good for cars and obviously, not safe for some serious tire burning. But what if your favorite ride, such as a Lamborghini Huracán, has tracked like snowmobiles? Well, then that, my friend, means whatever season comes, you can always hit the road, any road. So, snow? What snow? As you can see, this Lamborghini Huracán Snowmobile Concept by Estonia-based designer Rain Prisk don’t give a damn to snow. Hell, we’d say it would even take on beaten trails and undulating terrains normally reserved for off-roaders anytime – thanks to its four tank-like tracks.

I am guessing, the only time you will take a break from piloting this crazy concept is when there’s a flood or typhoon’s hitting. Apart from being the best and probably, the most insane, Lamborghini concept ever, we have to give it to Rain Prisk for the photorealistic render that makes us salivate uncontrollably. Wait, or did Rain Prisk put a real Huracán under the knife to create this monster? You can check out more Rain Prisk’s work, which include a delightful Jaguar F-type 4-door concept, over at Artstation and please try to keep your jaw up.

P.S. If a ride as tiny as a Smart Fortwo can be turned into a tracked vehicle, we don’t see why it can’t be done with a Lambo, well, except may for the initial financial outlay for the supercar.

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Image: Rain Prisk.

via Luxury Launches

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