You haven’t see flying cars zipping across the city’s sky and so, it shouldn’t surprise you that bicycles, electric or not, still look largely like your grandfather’s bicycle. However, that’s set to change with Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle. As the product name subtly hints, this pedal-assist bicycle has a little bit of Tron element to it – thanks to its hubless design with integrated lights. Granted, you can’t ride it flat on your stomach like the Light Cycle, but still, it is quite a sight to be hold and clearly, radically different from today’s bicycles. Cyclotron Bike goes beyond just looking futuristic; its build and drivetrain are pretty high-tech too, comprising of a space-grade composite construction of ultra lightweight carbon fiber frame with lightweight core structure.

Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle

Beneath, it gets an active LED rear light along with high-power bi-LED headlights, chain-free power transmission, 18-speed e-gear box, airless tires and of course, hubless wheels that also boast Utility Slot Module, or USM, ready to be outfitted with assorted accessories like child seat, butterfly basket, and more. The ride is intentionally designed with aerodynamic wing-shaped tube profile to cut through air like a knife which in part, lends it the futuristic look. Aerodynamic is further bolstered by fully integrated brakes, integrated but removable self-charging lithium-ion battery, integrated cable routing, and integrated drivetrain that hides away within the bike frame.

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Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle

The result is a clean, clutter-free bike that befits the future. But it is not a future thing; it is a present day thing, which explains why the bike have received much love and attention on Kickstarter, rolling in over 70K euros in funding and 147 percent funded. This means if you are willing to part with €899-2,699 (about US$999-2,998) of your hard earned money, the Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle will be yours to ride next June. Though it is worthy to note that the lower tier rewards are not equipped with E-gear; instead they are manual 18-speed variety.

Images: screengrabs via Youtube.

Kickstarter via The Awesomer

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