SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Moonrover

The guy who dreamed up the Tesla Roaster BTTF Time Machine mash up is back with another crazy concept. This time, it is the Tesla Cybertruck that have gotten reimagined as a moon rover. I know right. It is totally fitting for a vehicle that already look pretty out-of-this-world (pun not intended).

SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Moonrover

With Charlie Automotive’s SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Moonrover, the general form of the Tesla Cybertruck largely remain unchanged. Except now that it rides higher and rolls on 3 axles and on six, what looks to be, omnidirectional wheels.

We also noticed that Charlie has taken the liberty to give Tesla Cybertruck double cab and “equipped” it with various moon exploration hardware, such as a satellite dish on its modified truck bed.

It is a wild concept, no doubt, but we can’t deny that it looks pretty damn cool. If you like, you may want to hit up Charlie Automotive’s Instagram page for more renders of his wonderful SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Moonrover.

Images: Instagram (@charlieautomotive).

Source: Uncrate.