There is a new kid in the gaming earphones (or gaming in-ear headphones, if you will) in the market that promised to take audio immersion to the next level. The headphones is Drown Tactile Gaming Earphones from Scotland-based audio hardware company Drown Ltd..

Drown Tactile Gaming Earphones

Drown Tactile Gaming Earphones is not any old in-ear headphones. It is a pair of earphones that deliver audio through tactile transmission of audio waves. No, it isn’t bone conduction – if that’s what you are. thinking.

Here’s how it works:

“Drown is the world’s first tactile audio platform to use all three audio pathways to players’ brain for deeply enhanced audio realism. Using patented waveguide technology, sound is guided to the ear canal without reflection in the outer ear, providing a fully immersive sound unlike any other. While over-the-ear headphones lose fidelity because of the distance between the speaker and the ear, Drown transmits the acoustic vibrations directly to the nerves and cartilage in your pinnae, enriching the bass and the overall sound quality.”

Drown Tactile Gaming Earphones

Key highlights include patented silicone seals to deliver perfectly shaped audio wave, precisely positioned 14.8 mm graphene drivers, high-quality oxygen-free copper cable with Kevlar coating, passive noise isolation, and the promised to reproduced deep bass without overwhelming the higher frequencies.

Drown Tactile Gaming Earphones was a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign. If you missed the campaign, you can now buy it from for a discounted price of £116 (around US$145).

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Images: Drown Ltd..

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