Tesla SpaceX Package Concept Car

Elon Musk’s promised of a special “SpaceX Package” for Tesla Roadster is far from being a reality. The over-the-top package will see SpaceX’s rocket tech on the Tesla Roadster (yes, really!), enabling it to pull “around 3Gs” at launch. That said, it is not hard to see why it is not a reality yet. In fact, the promise has not even met with any images, well, that’s until now (albeit an unofficial one).

One San Francisco-based industrial designer known by his handle of Charlie Automotive has taken the liberty to imagine what a Tesla Roadster Space X Package might look like. There’s a twist here, though. Charlie Automotive’s design is not quite down-to-earth, so to speak. It is actually a bit of fantasy ride. How? Well, if you haven’t already noticed, it is actually a mash up of a Tesla Roadster and the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future II. And that, my friends, what makes it absolutely dope.

Tesla SpaceX Package Concept Car

Tesla Space X Package Concept Car is sporting the familiar DeLorean Time Machine’s hardware, including the two oversized reactor vents, time travel coils (across the front bumper), and the very recognizable Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, AKA the power source of the time machine. The package is completed by a same brush stainless steel finish the movie’s time traveling DeLorean is so famous for.

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I know it is a fantasy ride. A sci-fi vehicle that will never realize. Charlie Automotive’s Tesla Space X Package Concept Car definitely tickles our fancy (or fantasy?), but there’s something that bothers me with this render. It’s the Mr. Fusion. It is located so high up and in middle of the rear of the vehicle, it’d be difficult to feed garbage to it, ain’t it? Just a harmless observation.

Images: Instagram (@charlieautomotive).