While the rest of the world is getting the Casio EDIFICE 20th Anniversary Honda Racing timepiece, Japan has this: Casio EDIFICE 20th Anniversary ECB-10TMS Toms’. ECB-10TMS is, of course, a collaborative timepiece with, arguably, one of top racing team in Japan and in the world.


Based on the Casio EDIFICE ECB-10, the commemorative Casio EDIFICE 20th Anniversary ECB-10TMS Toms’ sports a schedule timer that will come in handy during races. The red gradation of the secondary dial, as well as the other ring, juxtaposed with predominantly black timepiece.

Motorsports fans will most definitely appreciate the secondary dial is actually an image of a racing brake caliper with Tom’s branding, and carbon fiber dial face.


Other features include a thicker tip at the band to prevent accidental slippage from the band stay, “windshield” made of sapphire glass, red numeral ’20’ on bezel to highlight 20th anniversary of EDIFICE, and a back cover engraved with “20th Anniversary EDIFICE”.

Casio EDIFICE ECB-10TMS Toms’ Limited Edition 20th Anniversary EDIFICE is now available across Japan, as well as online on marketplace like Rakuten, with a 38,500 yen (about US$359) tax included sticker.

Images: Casio [JP].

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