When I was studying, the topic of gears was as intriguing as it was difficult. I can never wrap my head around gears. But with Sprocks, you don’t have to go through the ordeal as me.

Sprocks Magnetic Gears Kickstarter

You just play with the gears. No calculation. No gear ratio to work out. Just stick them onto any ferrous metal surface and start unwinding your long, stressful day away by, well, turning the gears.

Sprocks are magnetic gears that is best described as a toy/stress-reliving device hybrid. Sprocks are good for kids and adults, or just anyone who are fascinated with build things.

Sprocks Magnetic Gears Kickstarter

Both young and old can create their own gear creations and marvel at this age old technology. If you want, you can even create a kinetic art out of it too. An installation that can come alive.

Sprocks is the creation of Matt Hatcher who is using his own 3D printers to manufacture Sprocks in Columbus, Ohio. Sprocks is available in a variety of flavors: colored, clear, wood, and mirrored.

Sprocks Magnetic Gears Kickstarter

If you like what you see, you may learn more about this wonderfully simple toy over at its Kickstarter campaign page.

The campaign is fully funded and if you desire, a pledge of US$24 or more will secure you a set of Sprocks for March 2021 delivery.

Sprocks Magnetic Gears Kickstarter

Images: Sprocks.

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