Regular family heads to a beachside resort for a staycation. A family that has a thirst for thrills heads to Slaycation Paradise. Thankfully, it is not real. Awww… were you disappointed that slaycation isn’t real? Don’t be because it kind of is real but as a video game.

Slaycation Paradise Video Game

It being a video game is cool because we don’t need to put our lives at risk to live out our dream of slaying zombies, intergalactic and/or inter-dimensional monsters, and whatnot. Oh, yeah, that’s basically what the game is about: a vacation where you relax by slaying.

I don’t know about you but it sure sounds like fun to me. The game is described as a marriage of Tower defense and twin-stick shooting game:

Slaycation Paradise warps you away to the ‘Slaycation Agency’, a state-of-the-art multiverse travel agency for travelers looking to get away from the daily grind. Be transported to beautiful and chaotic destinations filled with an array of monsters intent on your demise. Slay away your worries and have the time of your life!”

Slaycation Paradise Video Game

It sure has the Fallout vibe to it but you know it is going to be more fun than a serious life-and-death situation when you have a super-powered cat launcher and “state-of-the-art” respanomatic that “brings you back from death’s door good as new” when you get quash by a bunch of living dead.

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The Slaycation Paradise is developed by solo developer Affordable Acquisition and distributed by Merge Games. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Smart Delivery, and Nintendo Switch this year (2022).

PC gamers can already add the game to their wishlist on Steam as we speak. Meanwhile, have a look at the Fallout-vibe launch trailer below. You may also learn more about the game HERE.

Images: Merge Games.

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